Cats haven’t changed much

Inky cat pawprints on 15th century manuscriptFrom medievalfragments:

Everyone who has ever owned a cat will be familiar with their unmannerly feline habit of walking across your keyboard while you are typing. One of the manuscript pictures tweeted by @erik_kwakkel [link] revealed that this is nothing new.…

Cat urine on manuscriptAlthough the medieval owner of this manuscript may have been quite annoyed with these paw marks on his otherwise neat manuscript, another fifteenth-century manuscript reveals that he got off lucky.  A Deventer scribe, writing around 1420, found his manuscript ruined by a urine stain left there by a cat the night before.

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  1. nicola ginzler design - June 9, 2013

    […] Erik Kwakkel is a medieval book historian at Leiden University, The Netherlands. He says, “I post images of medieval books and share with you what’s special about them.” My earlier post inspired by his blog, “Cats Haven’t Changed Much” — about 15th-century cats walking with inky paws across (or urinating on) a manuscript — is here. […]