Fearsome Font Friday

In celebration of the SyFy network’s world-class, glorious horror movie “Sharknado” last night (see my previous post, ‘”Sharknado” saves the Summer!’), today we have three fearsome fonts guaranteed to strike terror into the hearts of all who behold them.

"$10 Million or Best Offer"

First is Veneer Extras Regular from foundry Yellow Design Studio, available at Fontspring. Download just the dingbats here for free (scroll down a bit); you can get the whole 16-font Veneer Family package for $49.

Fearsome Veneer characters:
Veneer font - fearsome characters

More Veneer characters:
Veneer font - less fearsome characters:

For all your blood-spatter needs, there’s WC Rhesus from foundry WC Fonts, available in two free versions and three which for some reason you can’t download. Frustrating. Nevertheless…

WC Rhesus font

[FontSquirrel page with both fonts and many others tagged “Grunge“]

And next time you’re writing a ransom note, Black Casper from foundry AllenChiu Chiu is just perfect.

Black Casper characters

[FontSquirrel page with this font and many others tagged “Distressed“]

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