Found Font Friday 1


Not to be confused with my post Found Font Friday 2.

FOUNDFONT™ is dedicated to typographic archaeology as well as the use of found typography within design. We create complete type sets based on found examples. Follow us on twitter at @foundfont. Email us at


FOUNDFONT™ BOX SET - Purchase the entire current FOUNDFONT™ set of OpenType fonts for 50 bucks. You will also receive all new font releases through the rest of the year as they come out.  $50.00 - Buy Now

BRIDGEPORT - UPPERCASE WITH ALTERNATES AS LOWERCASE FOR B,K,S. Including punctuation and numerals. $10.00 - Buy Now


REC LEAGUE - Uppercase with punctuation and numeral. Inspired by a YMCA shirt, REC LEAGUE is good for anything from your vintage needs to your less than competitive company bowling team.  $10.00 - Buy Now

Rec League

Grain-O All Caps - Uppercase OpenType font with basic punctuation $10.00 - Buy Now


POSTAL GOTHIC - Quirky uppercase OpenType font with basic punctuation $10.00 - Buy Now

Postal Gothic

BAD POSTCARD - Upper and Lowercase with limited punctuation now available as an OpenType font for your purchasing, installing, and typing pleasure.  $10.00 - Buy Now

Bad Postcard

REVEREND ITALIC - Uppercase OpenType font ready to be put through it’s paces.  $10.00 - Buy Now

Reverend Italic

PRIEST CONDENSED - Uppercase OpenType font great for that “I need a super huge word, but it’s only four letters” situation. $10.00 - Buy Now

Priest Condensed

MODEL PLANE SANS - Lowercase OpenType font  $10.00 - Buy Now

Model Plane Sans Lowercase


Vanity Numbers

MODEL PLANE SLAB - Uppercase OpenType font $10.00 - Buy Now

Model Plane Slab

M.C. GOTHIC - Uppercase OpenType font with basic punctuation $10.00 - Buy Now

M. C. Gothic Condensed

Pharmacy Font

From haroldsfonts:



PHARMACY was inspired by the sign at a local (Albany, NY) drugstore. Waiting at the red light, I’d often stared at the sign, admiring its jolly and curious mix of upper and lowercase, and of course the peculiar asymmetrical capital A.

This font design has become a crafter’s favorite, as rubber stamps, die cuts and more. I’m still offering it here as a free download.

PHARMACY MMX has an expanded character set and other refinements. Includes caps and alternates, numbers, punctuation and international characters.

Another of my Albany-inspired fonts is TRUDEAU.


Free_FlagPHARMACY is a free download. This copyrighted font is made available for commercial and non-commercial use when downloaded from Harold’s Fonts. It is not intended to be copied, shared, sold, or reposted.

Available For Download Below!


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