Fresh Font Friday from Font Meme

A sampling of new and fresh fonts from Font Meme, an awesome online resource for free fonts. There are many, many more—four pages’ worth!—at Madelyn – Handwritten Script Font by Fontfabric Saros – Free Slab Serif Font Sonder – Free Vintage Sans & Serif Font Beyno – Free Display Font Roska – Free Rounded Stencil […]

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Font Technologies Font Friday

This article, from, explicates the concept of parametric fonts. The concept has been around for 40+ years but it has novel applications in web type design. How Font Technologies Will Improve the Web PARAMETRIC FONTS (original article) Parametric fonts are an old idea that seems to be revisited regularly by people from different backgrounds. […]

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"The Vault of Horror" comic book cover

Freaky, Frightening, Fantastic Font Friday

A fun look at “scary” typography in the pop-culture occult over the last 125 years or so: Ouija boards, comic books, TV shows, and movies. Original article is here. SPOOKY, KOOKY TYPOGRAPHY By Angela Riechers There’s serious occult, and then there’s pop-culture occult. Pop occult is both scary and approachable, fun spiced with danger and excitement. And from […]

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Mixfont logo

Font-Pairs Font Friday

Here are five font generator sites with added special sauce: pairings of fonts. (Not to be confused with my earlier bog post Four or Five Fonts Friday, which suggested techniques for  creating harmonious larger font groupings.)  ByPeople has created 50 Google Font pairings. Each pair is shown in a layout—truly a labor of love. You can go to […]

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The National Gallery of Art is sitting on a goldmine of 21,000 paints, varnishes, pigments and primers

A great article about a museum collection of the pigments in artists’ paint tubes, preserved for posterity (more pix at the link). From Atlas Obscura.  One of the lesser known collections at the National Gallery of Art lies behind an unmarked door in the employees-only section, where conservators have amassed an unrivaled hoard of 21,000 paints, […]

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Tropic Canary bdc939

14,000+ color names! Just type in a hex code

Smashing Magazine‘s Smashing Newsletter Issue #190 has this gem: more than 14,000 color names, accessible by entering a 6-digit hex code. Some examples below. Click on “quick! Find one of 14’000 color names!” to get the HTML, CSS, and JS code (see below). What comes to your mind when you hear terms like “Bright Nori”, […]

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Grand Theft Auto and The Price Is Right logos

F-in’ Hilarious Font Friday

Did you know that Grand Theft Auto and The Price is Right use the same typeface? Totally awesome. It’s Pricedown Black (see below) from font house Typodermic. I discovered this using WhatTheFont, a great online tool that helps you find out what typeface a particular type sample uses. You upload an image, ascertain which characters it […]

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PANTONE purple Prince Love Symbol no 2 square

Pantone announces new purple shade in honor of Prince

In collaboration with the singer’s estate, the company announced the release of a new purple hue, called Love Symbol #2, in honor of his signature color. The new hue has been dubbed Love Symbol #2, after the singer’s logo and custom-made Yamaha purple piano. Throughout Prince’s career, he became indelibly associated with the color, from […]

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Arabic Pixel Font

FontStruct ‘Arabic Pixel’ Font Friday

Via online font-building tool FontStruct comes this ingenious pixelcraft from game designer Alex Clay, who is localizing video games in Arabic. (See my post Create-a-Font Friday for a list of paid and free font creation software.) Previously, a lot of effort has gone into hacking code to get Arabic text, especially punctuation and positioning, to appear […]

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Muller Narrow type sample

Fontfabric Font Friday is a fantastic resource for loads of imaginative, classic-ish (and free!) fonts. I say classic-ISH because the kerning of many of the stalwarts of type design—the Garamonds, Akzidenz Grotesks, and Avenirs—is correct and appropriate only in paid versions. Paid providers also have the most trendy, cutting-edge fonts. Here are several recent Fontfabric examples, but there are […]

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