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Aqua Regia logo

“Aqua Regia, Hell’s Beverage of Choice”: New Merchandise from Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim books

Now available! New merchandise featuring Aqua Regia, Hell’s Beverage of Choice according to Richard Kadrey‘s Sandman Slim series of books. Stick the labels to your favorite containers to instantly transform the contents into Hell’s beverage of choice. Mugs perform the same magical change, and t-shirts proclaim your love—scroll down to the bottom to see pictures. […]

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Gun and blood spatter

Fearsome Font Friday

In celebration of the SyFy network’s world-class, glorious horror movie “Sharknado” last night (see my previous post, ‘”Sharknado” saves the Summer!’), today we have three fearsome fonts guaranteed to strike terror into the hearts of all who behold them. First is Veneer Extras Regular from foundry Yellow Design Studio, available at Fontspring. Download just the dingbats […]

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Teacup with clockwork mechanism inside

How to Make a Cup of Time

With a purchased clockwork mechanism, you can make a clock out of almost anything, but this is my favorite. Materials: A melamine cup. Melamine foodware was mostly made during the 50s and 60s so you can often find cups at thrift or vintage stores. You can also find modern-day melamine cups in camping or baby […]

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"Steampunk" rabbit collectible toy

Steampunk rabbit collectible toy

This “steampunk” bunny started as one of internationally famous artist Frank Kozik’s plain white plastic “Smorkin’ Labbits.” I tricked the bunny out by applying a fine film of spray adhesive to hold multiple layers of silver leaf. I “antiqued” the silver with a wash of black acrylic paint and topped it with a layer of […]

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