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Page with strikeout text

Effacing Font Friday

By Margaret Rhodes from Wired magazine: Self-Censoring Font Redacts Words the Feds Are Watching For Seen, a font from designer Emil Kozole, recognizes National Security Agency spook words and blacks them out. Image credit: Emil Kozole To create it, Kozole programmed an Adobe OpenType font to recognize suspicious terms, then smear them with bold, black […]

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Redacted font used in layout

Fake Font Friday 3

From Christian Naths at GitHub: More fun dummy text to download and use! Similar to my post Fake Font Friday 1, which introduced the BLOKK font, a way to indicate type without using actual letterforms. This font was inspired by BLOKK. Redacted: A Font for Web and Desktop Redacted Regular Redacted Script Redacted Script Bold […]

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Full alphabet

Flesh Font Friday (NSFW)

From designboom: a series of ethereal photographs by greek artist anastasia mastrakouli utilizes the nude human form to highlight the dialectical relationship between anatomy and visual art. each image is the product of an experimental performance, rendered as a composition of a silhouette and surface while conforming to the shape of the english alphabet. cut […]

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Fortean Times cover 058 - July 1991

Fortean Font Friday

Fortean Times is a British monthly magazine devoted to the anomalous phenomena popularized by Charles Fort. Previously published by John Brown Publishing (from 1991 to 2001) and then I Feel Good Publishing (2001 to 2005), it is now published by Dennis Publishing Ltd. As of December 2014, its circulation was just under 14,300 copies per […]

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A is for Captain America

‘F is for The Flash’ Font Friday

Alphabet created by Simon Koay, from Superbet ‘Superbet’ is a typographic exploration of alphabet design by reimagining each letter of the alphabet as everyone’s favourite superheroes and supervillains. Each letter has been created with inspiration from characters who share that same initial in their name.These would be great for kids, or as CNet put it, “perfect for any bedroom wall or […]

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Fleuron Font Friday

A fleuron, or flower, is a decorative typographic character. The category of fleuron includes some characters that are not floral in design. Also known as a printer’s flower or floret. Flowers are in a category of characters known as ornaments or type ornaments. From Flirting with Fleurons by BlissBennet. I’ve been obsessed of late with […]

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Claire Fontaine artwork - "AMERIKA"

Fontaine Fluorescent Font Friday

Claire Fontaine is an art collective based in Paris, making, among other things, large-scale words and phrases out of fluorescent light tubes. The font used is called “K”, a typeface in turn taking its name from the Czech author Franz Kafka, as a tribute to him and to his unfinished work Amerika. From the artists’ […]

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"All Is Fair in Love and War" foot tattoo

Foot Font Friday

A lot of people seem to get type tattoos on their feet. Judging by images online, most of the tattoos are on women, and are inspirational (“Live Laugh Love,” or a serotonin molecule labeled “Stay Positive”). Some are foot-specific (“These feet are made for dancing”) and a few are names (“Amanda”). Many of them use the […]

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AmarilloUSAF Pro type sample

Fightin’ Font Friday 1

The only people perhaps more obsessive than type designers are builders of model aircraft. TLai Enterprises offers a font for sale called AmarilloUSAF. With its straight lines and blocky look, AmarilloUSAF provides the correct, forthright feel of the real thing. See also my post Fightin’ Font Friday 2, fonts from action movie posters. AmarilloUSAF Pro—Enhanced […]

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