Richard Kadrey

Donut Universe logo

Aqua Regia logo

Bamboo House of Dolls logo

The Client

New York Times best-selling author Richard Kadrey has a line of successful novels whose main character is James Stark, aka Sandman Slim. Stark is a half-human, half-angel hitman escaped from Hell and seeking revenge in a gritty otherworldly Los Angeles. Several fictional businesses and products appear prominently in the Sandman Slim novels: a doughnut store, Donut Universe; a punk tiki bar, the Bamboo House of Dolls; and Aqua Regia, Hell’s favorite drink.

The Challenge

I had previously designed Mr. Kadrey’s WordPress website. Working closely, we decided to capitalize on his novels’ success by creating brand logos to use on a clothing and housewares line.

The Solution

I decided to create logos in a simple, two-color format. Brooding black and dark red served as the palette for Hell’s drink, a brighter red denoting the energy of the bar, and a whimsical pink and blue for the doughnut store. I also wrote some of the copy for the website and sales text, and sourced and managed an illustrator for the Donut Universe logo.

Mr. Kadrey’s website offers the items for sale here. 2016 sales of T-shirts, mugs, coasters and stickers totaled over $1,100.

The Donut Universe and Bamboo House of Dolls logos appear on T-shirts, mugs and coasters. T-shirts are “guaranteed NOT bullet- or Hell-Beast-proof.” The Aqua Regia logo is represented as a sticker to put on your own bottle or glass and on coasters and flasks, “instantly turning the contents into Hell’s beverage of choice.”