Indivisible California StateStrong

Indivisible CA: StateStrong logo

The Client

StateStrong is a project of the Indivisible political action group, which focuses on national politics. Members of Indivisible San Francisco founded Indivisible California StateStrong, seeing a need for political action at the state level as well—California Senators and Assemblymembers receive very little input from constituents. StateStrong aims to educate citizens about present and upcoming legislation, and provide them with tools to contact representatives and make their demands known.

The Challenge

StateStrong needed branding which could be adapted nationwide by state, and be purposed for websites, social media, and print. The California StateStrong website—coming later in 2018—will help users learn about current and future bills under consideration in California, and contact their representatives with their political demands.

The Solution

To localize each logo, I decided to use state outlines and strong typography, with variable state type. The logo has already been adapted for Oregon and Texas (see below), and will be adapted for nationwide use later in 2018. We will be making the website code available to all the states’ groups. In addition, I will be providing state organizations with specifications for logo, social media, and website adaptation.

On the website, a user logs in with their address, and is given the names of their state Senator and Assemblymember. Clicking on the representative’s name or photo gives the user:

  • The representative’s contact information
  • Lists of the upcoming bills that the representative will be voting on
  • How they have voted in the past
  • The recommendations of their state’s StateStrong organization on upcoming bills
  • A script for making phone calls

Social media artwork

Indivisible California: StateStrong Facebook header Facebook header

Indivisible California: StateStrong Twitter header Twitter header

Business cards

Indivisible California: StateStrong business cards front and back

Two current localizations


Indivisible Oregon: StateStrong logo

Indivisible Texas: StateStrong logo