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Grand Theft Auto and The Price Is Right logos

F-in’ Hilarious Font Friday

Did you know that Grand Theft Auto and The Price is Right use the same typeface? Totally awesome. It’s Pricedown Black (see below) from font house Typodermic. I discovered this using WhatTheFont, a great online tool that helps you find out what typeface a particular type sample uses. You upload an image, ascertain which characters it […]

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Dwiggins hand-drawing letters

Forgotten Font Friday

A lovely type-related article from Atlas Obscura, chroniclers of the strange and wonderful. The Lost Typefaces of W.A. Dwiggins The pioneering designer created dozens of fonts, only a few of which are still around today. By CARA GIAIMO for Atlas Obscura (more…)

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Framed piece of fabric with names and descriptions of fonts

Fabric Font Friday

I saw this framed fabric at Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. Britex is an amazing, four-floor emporium of all things fabric, from single buttons to $200-a-yard sequinned loveliness. Yes, I know, I should get a bunch of the font fabric and upholster my house in it! (more…)

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Louis Vitton bag

Phony Font Friday

Part three of five articles concerned with spotting fake Louis Vuitton merchandise. This cool font-related piece is about the font and spacing of the characters in the signature heat-stamped label. Mostly the signals of an authentic label are subtleties of spacing, alignment, and character shape. Font geeks, pull up a chair! Spotting Fake Louis Vuitton […]

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Flesh-Free Font Friday

A classic Halloween visual. Here’s a skeleton font from a new-to-me source: home machine embroidery. How the embroidery works: you install software from a website or disk and it tells your home embroidery machine—your enhanced sewing machine or dedicated device—how to make the letterforms or designs. This alphabet was developed by trishsthreads.com and is available […]

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New York "N"

Forgot Font Friday

No seriously folks, I forgot Font Friday. Here’s a beautiful font inspired by the designers’ love of travel. Photographic images of destinations paired with a strong sans serif typeface create a unique and memorable look. Around the World With Type by Rigved Sathe and Payal Jagwani We intend to take you on a journey into […]

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Page with strikeout text

Effacing Font Friday

By Margaret Rhodes from Wired magazine: Self-Censoring Font Redacts Words the Feds Are Watching For Seen, a font from designer Emil Kozole, recognizes National Security Agency spook words and blacks them out. Image credit: Emil Kozole To create it, Kozole programmed an Adobe OpenType font to recognize suspicious terms, then smear them with bold, black […]

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