Free Font Friday! Tattoo Fonts for Your Inking Pleasure


Check out this cool compilation of free tattoo fonts that you can put to use in your body art-based designs.

Text tattoos have always been a popular way for people to express themselves, with many choosing to incorporate words, short quotes, names and sayings into body art designs. And in recent years, tattoo-style typography has become a big influence on all areas of design — from graphic design and illustration to web and app design and beyond. As a result, there are now hundreds of tattoo fonts available online for use in your projects, and many are free!

But how do you find tattoo fonts that rock — the diamonds among the rough? To help you out, we’ve scoured the web to find you 14 top examples of free tattoo fonts for designers. Enjoy!

01. AngillaTattoo

Angilla script tattoo fonts
Måns Grebäck has created this edgy script tattoo font – free for personal use

Designed by Måns Grebäck, this script-based addition to our tattoo fonts list includes 357 characters, and is freely available — though only for personal use. You can also buy the font for commercial use for $59 here. And don’t forget to use the numbers for swashes (e.g. A1ngilla4 Tattoo8).


02. Los Angeles

Los Angeles tattoo fonts
This font by Vicky Mardian is all up in your face Grand Theft Auto. We approve.

As far as tattoo fonts go, they don’t get much better than this. Designed by Vicky Mardian, this font evokes fond memories of LA drive-bys and botched drug runs. On the Xbox, of course. The above version is for personal use, with a commercial version available here for $20.


03. True Man Tattoos

True Man tattoo fonts
This dingbat font is free for personal use, and features old school tats

If you’re looking for a font-based collection of dingbat tattoo fonts, which can be used in personal projects, then True Man Tattoos is for you. Daggers through a skull? Sorted. Anchor? You bet. Horseshoe, shamrock, two dice and the number 13? You betcha!


04. CM Tattoo Dragon

CM Tattoo Dragon tattoo fonts
Christopher Means clearly enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This movie-inspired font by Christopher Means is free for personal use, and was inspired by the poster for the US remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


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