How iOS 7’s Font Change Looks in the New Beta 3

By Kyle Wagner from

The number "7" in iOS7 style
iOS 7’s switch to the Helvetica Neue Ultra Light typeface was one of the bigger design points for the new OS. But it came with a catch: It looked, in places, pretty bad on non-retina screens. The fix was simple enough. Just change it back to regular weight.

Here’s what that looks like, courtesy Panic co-founder @Cable on Twitter:

How iOS 7's Font Change Looks in the New Beta 3

And here it is on non-retina iPad, via iOS engineer @youens.

How iOS 7's Font Change Looks in the New Beta 3

(Go to site to click “Expand” if compression is making the GIF appear fuzzy; you can see the details more clearly that way anyway.)

The newer version for both GIFs is the frame with the lighter blue background, instead of grey. The differences can be seen all over the OS, in Messages, Weather, and other first party Apple apps. Most of the text had been readable on non-retina iOS 7-compatible devices, but some things like badges and smaller alerts just looked bad. Still, this throws the weight of the entire OS off from where it had been, even if just slightly.

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