Flash Font Friday

Typefaces in tattoos, flash or custom, fall into two main groups: block capitals with thick, filled-in verticals and/or mid-height serifs, or swooping, unreadable script. Most type in knuckle tattoos and banners is in the former camp; most type in large back and chest tattoos in the latter. See my blog post Foot Font Friday for script tattoos on feet.

Some examples:

"Ride Free" knuckle tattoo

Another classic:

"Mom and Dad" tattoo

Others range from the unconventional…

"Bookworm" knuckle tattoo

…to the insufferable:

"Born Poet" knuckle tattoo

Kind of a hybrid between capitals and script:

"Patience" knuckle tattoo

A few examples of script:

"Rodriguez" back tattoo

This  says “Memories Over Material.” Honest.

"Memories Over Material" chest tattoo

No idea what this one says. Let me know if you do.

No idea what this says

And this one which is totally awesome. You figure it out.

"Art & Science" which reads "Philosophy" upside down

You also get anomalous typefaces such as this:

"Thug Life" knuckle tattoo

and this:

"I love beards" knuckle tattoo

and this:

"I heart Zombies"

And of course some goddamn designer had to go and get this piece proclaiming their love for their favorite typeface. It’s set in Helvetica, naturally.

"I love Helvetica" tattoo