Font-Pairs Font Friday

Here are five font generator sites with added special sauce: pairings of fonts. (Not to be confused with my earlier bog post Four or Five Fonts Friday, which suggested techniques for  creating harmonious larger font groupings.)

 ByPeople has created 50 Google Font pairings. Each pair is shown in a layout—truly a labor of love. You can go to Google Fonts to see the fonts used in each sample, or get code for HTML and CSS. You can also download the whole article as a PDF (scroll to the bottom of the page).

  Fontpair lets you type or paste your own type into the header or text of suggested pairs to see what it will look like. You can also select general header/text pairings, e.g., serif/sans serif, sans serif/serif, serif/serif, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to select or search for specific fonts, and the “cursive” font selection is all serif. All Google Fonts.

  Fontjoy has suggested font pairings, and again, you can put in your own text. You can “lock” one font to see additional suggestions for pairing, or search for a font. There are also links to Github, a font visualizer (I get an error with this), and Colormind, a color scheme generator.

Mixfont logo  Mixfont suggests and creates pairings of fonts. You can view top pairings, as upvoted by users, or poke around in the general section. Another cool thing is that they have the name of the type designer, as well as short blurbs about each font. They claim to show 1K+ unique fonts, 600K+ pairings, and 132 languages. suggests and creates font pairings. They track: