‘fonts dot info’ Font Friday

In my LinkedIn profile, I put ‘Typography Evangelist’; this type stuff is awesome!

"Canapé" typeface

FDI is an independent German type foundry. To quote FDI’s website:

We [offer] a library of unique, contemporary typefaces designed by talented European type designers for use in print and digital publishing. FDI Type was founded in 2004. The name comes from the original web domain “fonts dot info’. Since 2015, the foundry is part of a network of typography websites run by Schriftkontor Ralf Herrmann. Other current projects are Typography.Guru, Typografie.info and Letter Library.

FDI Type is run from Weimar, Germany. The city where the Bauhaus was founded and where Justus Erich Walbaum published his famous Walbaum-Antiqua typeface.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in English or German.

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Laser-etched glass with hand coloring

Red heart with black wingsI made this artwork by laser-etching glass and then applying color by hand.

I used a laser cutter at TechShop, a phenomenal resource for artists, builders and craftspeople of all kinds. They have workshops in several US locations with tools and space for woodwork, metalwork, industrial sewing, electronics, arduino, and more.

[Note: Since I wrote this, TechShop filed for bankruptcy and has been reborn as TheShop.build. Same space, same apparatus. I haven’t been there yet but I plan to.]

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