Laser-etched glass with hand coloring

Red heart with black wingsI made this artwork by laser-etching glass and then applying color by hand.

I used a laser cutter at TechShop, a phenomenal resource for artists, builders and craftspeople of all kinds. They have workshops in several US locations with tools and space for woodwork, metalwork, industrial sewing, electronics, arduino, and more.

[Note: Since I wrote this, TechShop filed for bankruptcy and has been reborn as Same space, same apparatus. I haven’t been there yet but I plan to.]

Step 1: Engrave artwork from a digital file. I did mine backwards on the back of the glass so it would show through right way round from the front and the color would glow through.

Step 2: Apply paint or marker.

Step 3: Scrape off excess paint or marker.

Click here to see a short clip of the laser in action.

[Full instructions]