Fingerprinting Font Metrics Font Friday

AE Æ glyphs

These University of California, Berkeley researchers studied a method of compromising web user privacy, “fingerprinting” of online text: using font glyph* measuring techniques in various browsers to decipher text. (More pages, or buy the ebook or paperback, at Not to be confused with my post Fingerprint Font Friday.)

*Loosely, a typographic unit

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Fortean Font Friday

Fortean Times cover 058 - July 1991

Fortean Times is a British monthly magazine devoted to the anomalous phenomena popularized by Charles Fort. Previously published by John Brown Publishing (from 1991 to 2001) and then I Feel Good Publishing (2001 to 2005), it is now published by Dennis Publishing Ltd. As of December 2014, its circulation was just under 14,300 copies per month. The magazine’s tagline is “The World of Strange Phenomena.” (Wikipedia)

The magazine covers, particularly the more recent ones, are a glorious riot of photographs and illustrations overlaid with type announcing everything from modern-day trepanation to live burial. For the complete cover experience, go to the Fortean Times cover gallery, 1972-present.

The News cover 001 - November 1973
The News cover 001 – November 1973

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