Found Font Friday 2

Not to be confused with my post Found Font Friday 1, the tale of a bitter turn-of-the-20th-century rivalry which led to economically valuable—and artistically priceless—metal type being flung into London’s River Thames, to be recovered only after a lapse of a hundred years.

This post deals with matters cheerier, cheekier, and altogether less grim.

From  FOUNDFONT™ is dedicated to typographic archaeology as well as the use of found typography within design. We create complete type sets based on found examples. Follow us on twitter at @foundfont. Email us at

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Forensics Fonts Friday

Forensic fonts closeup

Forensics professionals pay a great deal of attention about what fonts to use in courtroom exhibits concerning or reproducing digital evidence. To quote a paper by Fred Cohen & Associates of the California Sciences Institute [abstract below] “fonts for forensics are less about the beauty of the presentation and more about the tradeoff between readability and being definitive about what is present.” Specifically, from a presentation by Cohen at SADFE, the Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering in 2010:

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Fake Font Friday 3

Blokk font copy block

Today we salute fonts that fake text itself. Microdot replaces every character with the placeholder rectangle from regular fonts, and Blokk replaces characters with horizontal lines. Type in either font gives the effect of a block of copy (or headline) without distracting the viewer with content. Both are great for making wireframes or mockups.

Not to be confused with my posts Fake Font Friday 1, Fake Font Friday 2 and Fake Font Friday 4.

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