Foam Slime Font Friday – Late Valentine’s Day Edition

Yes, today is oops, six days ago was Valentine’s Day, the American holiday compelling those with partners to give expensive pink and red gifts to their sweetheart(s). Also in the offing: chocolates, flowers, lavish diamond jewelry, marriage proposals. Obligatory! Compulsory! And of course if one does not have a partner(s), one is a failure as a human being, a disappointment, a loser. Hang your head in shame!

Here’s something fun to do that might take your mind off the madness:

Valentine’s Day Foam Slime Recipe

I’m in the “partnered” camp, which feels lucky to me. In contrast, some people are happier with close friends but no intimate partner(s), which may feel lucky to them. And some people are happiest without close social ties. (Humans are by and large social creatures, so this last group is smaller.) Add in humans’ connections to their animals and you have an extremely complex web of love and attachment.

But today is FONT Friday, so here are some design pieces that I’ve created over the years for my husband: Looove cards to my husband.

Bound booklet: 'Everything the bunnies say is true, in all the owrld the one I choose is yui, You're the star I've hitched my wagon to, And all my kittens are belong to you. Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie!"