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San Francisco SPCA Animal Assisted Therapy poster
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The Client

The San Francisco SPCA runs an Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program: visits from “therapy animals” can help people dealing with physical and mental health issues heal faster and feel happier.

The Challenge

The AAT program needed a higher profile within the SPCA, to boost appreciation of participants’ hard work and dedication. And unlike the SPCA’s adoption or veterinary hospital programs, the AAT program, with no revenue stream, had consistent budget shortfalls.

The Solution

Working with the AAT Director, I designed this poster for sale to AAT program participants, SPCA staff and the general public. The striking artwork was donated by an accomplished illustrator currently in an assisted living facility, and the headline quote is from a program participant. In addition to the design, I chose the headline and helped write the body copy. Two print runs of the poster sold out, giving the program its own funds for the first time.

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