Ginzler Family Photos

Grandmother Frances Weingarten Ginzler
Grandmother Frances Weingarten Ginzler

Here are some Ginzler family photos from Aunt Anna Grace and cousin Jimmy. Some of the files are pretty big (up to 15 MB) so let me know if you need them in smaller chunks. The first five are .zip files—double-click to decompress them.

Ginzler JPGs 1 of 3 (.zip file)

Ginzler JPGs 2 of 3 (.zip file)

Ginzler JPGs 3 of 3 (.zip file)

Ginzler photos extra (.zip file)

Ginzler photos from Jimmy Ginzler (.zip file)

Arthur Ginzler gravestone (.jpg file)

Ginzlers, England (.jpg file)

  • AGT is Aunt Anna Grace Trachtenberg—she worked at Marine World as an executive assistant for the owner and swam with the dolphins once. Her son, our cousin Arthur, performed with the dolphins once or twice. He was planted in the audience and “fell” into the water, with the dolphins then towing him to shore.
  • AT is cousin Arthur Trachtenberg
  • CG is Aunt Charlotte Ginzler
  • HBGF is Aunt Helen Ginzler
  • GGG is Aunt Gladys Ginzler
  • JAG is cousin Jimmy Ginzler
  • FG is cousin Fran Ginzler
  • DG is cousin Dorene Ginzler
  • CGR is Aunt Charlotte Ginzler Rubenstein
  • CGS is cousin Carolyn Ginzler Simon
  • DS is Deanna Simon, cousin Carolyn’s granddaughter
  • EMG is Uncle Manny (Emanuel)
  • FWG is our grandmother Frances Weingarten Ginzler
  • BG and LG are cousin Jimmy’s kids Brad and Lisa
  • RRB is cousin Rosanne Rubenstein, Aunt Charlotte’s daughter
  • SSG is Uncle Sam
  • I’m not sure: HN, FA, MA, GW, MW, JoG, NGG (Nathan Ginzler? I can’t remember how he’s related to us), SSG (not Uncle Sam)