Looove cards for my sweetie – Feb. 17, 2020

Yes, I know, it’s disgusting, the sappy cards I’ve made. But he’s great, and I’m a designer, so it was inevitable.

Below is a selection of the holiday, Valentine’s Day and other cards and gifts I’ve given him over the years. I should note that neither cats nor rabbits know how to spell “anniversary.”

“Happy Anniverserary” flip book card with kissing cats.

Interactive card: Starting side – “Not a creature was stirring, not even a…”;  Flip side – “La! La! La! / Oh noes! Aces & Eights want snacks! / Happy Christmas anyway?”

Bound booklet: “Bunny loves you very much. / Bunny would kill for you. / Oops! Bunny already has. / Will you help Bunny buy a shovel and a flashlight? / You will? Bunny says Thank You! / (And wishes you a very Happy Anniverserary.)”

Card with folded origami nesting envelopes: Small text on tail – “meow! happy valentine’s day to richard from nicola”

After our cat “Aces” was done with it. Dammit, Aces.

Folded origami Valentine: each heart encloses a smaller heart until you get to the accordion-folded middle with a special secret message.

The Victorians popularized the “cobweb” valentine of intricately cut paper. I began making this one-of-a-kind 21st century version by creating the red heart with its “Happy Valentine’s Day” message, adhering it to light cardboard for stiffness. Topping that is gold paper which I had cut into a pattern of nesting half-hearts; I finished by adding a ribbon. Pulling up on the ribbon unfurls the gold heart to reveal the message.

Accordion card: "I love you / all the way / to my bones."
Accordion card: “I love you / all the way / to my bones.”

Accordion card, 5″ x 7″. Design, text, image manipulation, production. Vintage anatomical diagrams.

This “steampunk” bunny, a birthday gift, started as one of internationally famous artist Frank Kozik‘s plain white plastic “Smorkin’ Labbits.” I sprayed a fine film of adhesive onto the bunny, then overlaid silver leaf. I “antiqued” the silver with a wash of black acrylic paint and topped it with a layer of clear acrylic sealant, then added the mismatched screws and replaced his removable smile. 

Fold-out card: "Bourbon is nice / Chocolates are too / But all I want for Christmas / Is you. / Happy Christmas, Sweetie!"
Fold-out card: “bourbon is nice / chocolates are too / but all I want for christmas / is you / happy christmas sweetie!”

 Fold-out card, 5″ x 5″. Design, text, photography, production.

Accordion card: 'Everything the bunnies say is true / in all the world the one I choose is you / You're the star I've hitched my wagon to / And all my kittens are belong to you. Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie!"
Accordion card: ‘Everything the bunnies say is true / In all the world, the one I choose is you / You’re the star I’ve hitched my wagon to / And all my kittens are belong to you. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie!”

 Bound booklet, 6″ x 4″. Design, text, illustration, production.

Bound booklet: "Kitties are red / Bunnies are blue / My best present / Is always you."
Bound booklet: “kitties are red / bunnies are blue / my best present / is always you.”

Bound booklet, 5″ x 7″. Design, text, illustration, production.