San Francisco Fire Department’s NERT program logos

 Two-color NERT logo Three-color NERT logoBlack NERT logo

Green NERT helmet with logo

The Client

The San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) runs the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team program (NERT) program. NERT is a civilian group training members to be self-sufficient as individuals, families and neighborhoods after a major citywide disaster such as an earthquake, chemical spill, weather event or terrorist attack. More than 24,700 NERTs have been trained since 1990.

The Challenge

The NERT program needed a new logo, more accurately reflecting its newly revamped training programs. The old logo was a stylized phoenix, symbolizing a rebirth from disaster. But it was poorly drawn, looking, as the SFFD’s Fire Chief said, “like a scared chicken.” The logo also needed to be more in line with the logos of FEMA’s Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) nationwide.

The Solution

Working closely with NERT Program Leader Capt. Erica Arteseros of the SFFD, I created a logo incorporating the iconic San Francisco skyline. The logo appears in 1-, 2-, and 3-color formats, with a complex design for regular use and a simplified design for small-size use. The logo is easy to adapt to production forms such as postcards, hard hats and safety vests. It’s now used on all NERT materials citywide.