Richard Kadrey website

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The Client

New York Times best-selling author Richard Kadrey has written a series of successful Sandman Slim novels; the Coop series; many other books and comics; dozens of stories; and his most recent novel, The Grand Dark, “a lush, dark, stand-alone fantasy,” as the press release says. His books are available at Amazon and other outlets. The Grand Dark is out now!

The Challenge

Mr. Kadrey needed a responsive website for his suite of books and other work. He wanted something exciting and inviting, with great brand recognition. He also needed the site to be easily updatable with new work, fan art, and upcoming appearances.

The Solution

I worked with Mr. Kadrey to formulate the website architecture, and decided that a SquareSpace site would serve him best. Starting with a portfolio-driven template, I customized type and features for a colorful, yet restrained, look. For brand recognition I featured the book covers: the exuberance of the Sandman Slim series, the hand-drawn quirkiness of the Coop books and the spare moodiness of The Grand Dark. I also wrote most of the copy on the site.

The site also offers T-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise featuring logos I designed for Donut Universe, the Bamboo House of Dolls, Maledictions, Aqua Regia and other fictional businesses and products that feature prominently in Mr. Kadrey’s Sandman Slim novels. Mr. Kadrey’s “Store” page is here, and merchandise is available on Zazzle and Redbubble.