Sedüssa Studios

The Client

Sedüssa Studios, in Oakland, CA, is the project of emerging clothing designer Sabine Balden. Born in the U.S. and raised in Germany, she brings precision pattern-making to life. Her training in Northern California informs her work: she has designed and created pieces for the West Coast Renaissance Fair and San Francisco’s Edwardian Ball. Her specialties include custom corsetry, as well as fetish and nightclub wear in leather and latex.

The Challenge

Sabine draws her inspiration from the mythological Medusa. She needed a logo that would reflect the figure’s great female power and mystery, in a clean, contemporary style.

The Solution

I created a stylized logo in black and a snake-like green. The logo scales easily (so to speak) and adapts to production forms such as business cards, hang tags and—in a simplified version—woven clothing labels. The snake on the business card reflects the “S”s in “Sabine” and “Sedüssa Studios.”

In its first six months, Sedüssa Studios had 14 commissions, worth over $24,000.