Fightin’ Font Friday 1

AmarilloUSAF Pro type sample

The only people perhaps more obsessive than type designers are builders of model aircraft. TLai Enterprises offers a font for sale called AmarilloUSAF. With its straight lines and blocky look, AmarilloUSAF provides the correct, forthright feel of the real thing. See also my post Fightin’ Font Friday 2, fonts from action movie posters.

AmarilloUSAF Pro—Enhanced US Air Force Aircraft Marking Font

AmarilloUSAF Pro Character Set. Letters A through Z, with alternate F, R, and Z, numbers 0 through 1, with alternate 1s, 2s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, and 9s, dashes, and 2 periods (one with spacing, one without.) Sample text was set in 100 point Amarillo USAF, with 90 point leading.

AmarilloUSAF Pro Text Samples. FT-1074. NX-01. U.S.AIR. U.S.AIR FORCE. Detail of angles: 45 degree transitions. Sample text was set in 100 point AmarilloUSAF Pro, with 90 point leading. NX-01 was set with an 30 pixel spacing between letters.

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