Astronaut Karen Nyberg will take art supplies to space

Astronaut Karen Nyberg
Astronaut Karen Nyberg
Astronaut Karen Nyberg looks through a window in the Kibo laboratory of the International Space Station. Photo credit: NASA

Admittedly I’m biased, but there’s not as much division between art and science as this article makes it sound. Nor is art necessarily the less “super-smart” side of a person, but this is nevertheless a good profile of astronaut Karen Nyberg and her artistic interests.

Mention the words ‘NASA Astronaut’ and you’ll usually conjure up the image of a brilliant, number-crunching engineer or a super-smart scientist. Yet, rarely are we given the chance to consider the other dimensions to this elite group of explorers or that they may share some common hobbies many of us more Earth-bound citizens enjoy.

Enter astronaut Karen Nyberg, an accomplished woman preparing for her second mission to space this May. Nyberg holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering, which may lead people to believe she is focused solely on technical matters, but as with many, there’s a softer side to this Midwesterner, one that may catch many by surprise.

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