Food Font Friday 2

Font Friday chocolate bars

Typografische Schokolade (Typographic Chocolate)

From (See also my blog post Food Font Friday 1: a Typographic Map of American foods and Food Font Friday 3: typography of food and drink logos.)

Typographic Chocolate is a student project of the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Department of Communication Design, under the direction of Prof. Jürgen Huber.

The aim of the course was to create a product with typographic reference for the Museum of Letters Berlin. The Museum of Letters is devoted to preserving and documenting letterforms. Hundreds of signs have already been rescued from decay and the scrap heap. Typographic elements are selected independently of culture, region, language and script system. We wanted to create a product that is directly related to the museum.

It was important to create a keepsake that serves as a souvenir of Berlin and the museum and it should be salable at a fairly low price and be reproducible – whether in small editions or series production. We designed an own chocolate mold, packaging and presentation in the museum shop. Our product is aimed at design-oriented museum visitors, who appreciate handcraft products.

Lisa-Marie Peters and Christian Pannicke
University of Applied Sciences Berlin
5th semester

Artist Makes Pixelated Photos by Stitching ‘Pixels’ on Them



Embroidered photographs by Diane Meyer

Artist Diane Meyer adds pixelated sections to her photographs by embroidering pixel-like squares directly on to the photos with a needle and thread. The embroidered areas obscure the underlying photo, much like digital pixelation is used to obscure portions of a photo or video. She has used the technique on photos from her past in the series “Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten,” and on photos of Cold War relics in Berlin in “Berlin.”

Embroidered photographs by Diane Meyer

Embroidered photographs by Diane Meyer

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