Cook. Charge. Go.: BioLite

Biolite camping stove

Biolite camping stoveBy Rachel Martin from DesignEnvy/AIGA:

An innovative business that converts waste heat into electricity—and integrates environment, people, economy and culture from The Living Principles for Design framework—is BioLite.

BioLite, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, was founded by Jonathan Cedar and Alex Drummond and has received numerous awards for their innovative CampStove. What’s so great about it? Well, it turns heat from fire into electric energy and can charge cellphones and LED lights. I am surprised no one had thought of this sooner, but it’s pure genius.

I love the branding update and web design by Suva Design, who also did the e-commerce store, custom icons and promotional signage. In addition to an extremely well-designed product, the overall design of the brand, packaging, website and materials is stunning. I wish more outdoor products were designed and branded this nicely.

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