Forgot Font Friday

New York "N"

No seriously folks, I forgot Font Friday.

Here’s a beautiful font inspired by the designers’ love of travel. Photographic images of destinations paired with a strong sans serif typeface create a unique and memorable look.

Around the World With Type by Rigved Sathe and Payal Jagwani

We intend to take you on a journey into the exciting world of graphic design, enchanted by some of the most beautiful destinations. Our thirst for travel had us going crazy with colors, images, letterforms and exploring the depths of experimental type. We present to you “Around the World With Type”, a shout out to all the beautiful places and people out there!

Points: Smart Robotic Street Sign Rotates towards Direction of Content

Points street sign



Points by futuristic product development studio Breakfast is a new kind of street sign that dynamically rotates towards the direction of the real-time content it is showing.

The directional street sign consists of 3 separate arms pointing in different directions, each containing a LED display that shows specific text or graphics about a nearby destination. Depending on the actual location of the content it displays, each arm is able to rotate endlessly around 360° degrees. The content varies depending on what passers-by select via a list of buttons, ranging from public transport arrival times nearby to the content and actual location of Twitter messages.

Watch the short documentary video below.

Via FastCoCreate.