NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts seeks to fill a faculty position working at the intersection of art and technology

Student in ITP program
Student in ITP program
Student in ITP Program

Are you an educator working at the intersection of art and technology? New York University’s ITP, the Interactive Telecommunications Program, may have a job for you for the 2013-2014 academic year.

ITP is a full-time graduate program offering a Master of Professional Studies degree in interactive telecommunications. The department has a strong interest in the design of new applications of interactive media forms and in creative uses of new technologies for communication and expression.…

Qualifications:  a passion for working at the intersection of art and technology; an extensive background in and/or advanced degree(s) in interactive media and application development; graduate-level experience in teaching and curriculum design; a track record of researching, developing, implementing and/or prototyping new media applications in the commercial or non-commercial sectors; and the ability to conduct classes in a workshop environment encouraging class discussion of concept, content and technique.  In particular the department is looking for people interested in participatory media, mobile platforms, and in particular, with experience in programming for the web.

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