Mo Costandi on science writing: a good story conveys wonderment

Mo CostanziFrom the Guardian UK:

Our series to accompany the 2013 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize asks top science writers about their craft. Today, we talk to neuroscience writer and blogger Mo Costandi.

What’s a good science story?

Something that makes me think, “Wow, that’s amazing!”. That is, stories about exciting new research that reveals some new insight into nature. The natural world is a wonderful, complex thing, and scientists try to divine its little secrets. A good story should not just explain the science simply and clearly, but also convey this wonderment.

What do you need to know to write well about science?

How to tell a good story. That requires a good grasp of language, some understanding of the science you’re writing about, and an ability to “translate” technical information into plain English and write about it compellingly.

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