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Desktop and laptop images of "Iceland" photo portfolio
An image from a Stampsy app slideshow — “Photographers and Their Famous Images.”

The Stamspy app looks like a great way to share slideshows of portfolio images, advertising and more. Here’s how it works:

  • Stamp: A Stamp is the unit of content you create on Stampsy. It can have up to 10 pages. A background grid helps you create well-balanced designs.
  • Tools: Add images, enter text, arrange them in your own unique way. All Stampsy tools are designed to be dragged and dropped.
  • Palettes: You can change font style, colors, and the number of columns. Fonts come in carefully selected pairs and a range of sizes to make your Stamp look great every time.
  • Distribute: Your Stamps each have a unique URL so they can circulate on the web for your audience to read, like, and comment.

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Sample Stampsy’s:

Amy Lombard glamor photos "Everything" perfume photographs

"Behind the Scenes" photographs of New York Fashion Week Selection of works from the Master in Art Direction (MAAD) at ECAL

Tom Hines fashion and portraiture photography Loic Bernasconi, Swiss architect, portfolio shots