Fear Font Friday 2 (OK, OK, it’s Thursday)

For Halloween, what’s skarier than a skeleton? What about the kind of person who makes a skeleton out of designer-y type? Def skarier.

Not to be confused with my post Fear Font Friday 1.

Skeleton Typogram, A Human Skeleton Illustration Made Using The Words For Each Bone

“Skeleton Typogram” by designer Aaron Kuehn is a gorgeous typographic artwork which depicts the human skeleton using the actual words for each bone. Previously we wrote about Kuehn’s Bicycle Typogram. The “Skeleton Typogram” is available as a limited edition screenprint.

Exo… Endo… Typo! Your life, your organism, your soft tissues but a puddle on the ground, if not for the ancient segmental structure of the Vertebrates. The original hard core is evolving for 400 million years now. Hominids, like you, are using the latest upright technology originating only 4 million years prior. Here it is, updated, and reconstructed in a 2 dimensional static representation of long-stride locomotion for your screen or paper! The component bones, ordinarily constructed with rigid mineralized tissues, have been entirely typo-grammatically replaced with 676 free and fused glyphs, together forming a complete skeletal diagram in Latin.

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Flesh-Free Font Friday


A classic Halloween visual. Here’s a skeleton font from a new-to-me source: home machine embroidery. How the embroidery works: you install software from a website or disk and it tells your home embroidery machine—your enhanced sewing machine or dedicated device—how to make the letterforms or designs. This alphabet was developed by trishsthreads.com and is available here in several embroidery machine formats and two sizes for $7.99. You can contact trishsthreads at pschmiedl@q.com.

NOTE: I’m showing these letters for viewing purposes only. Please don’t use them for online or print purposes.

Here’s the font in action:

tote bag with "Trish" embroidery


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Medieval Bling: Skeletons Encrusted in Jewels and Gold

St. Albertus skull

From hyperallergic.com:

p.12-3 St Valerius in Weyarn_copyright Paul Koudounaris

St. Valerius in Weyarn (all images copyright Paul Koudounaries and courtesy Thames & Hudson)

In a forthcoming book titled Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs, Los Angeles photographer Paul Koudounaris brings before his lens bejeweled skeletons long-lost in the catacombs of Rome. The remains were first unearthed in 1578, when they were disbursed throughout Catholic christendom as saintly relics. But according to Koudounaris, who also penned a 2011 volume on the subject, The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses, the true identities of the skeletons remains a mystery.

The relics, all opulent finery bleating against the stiff repose of death, reprise and damn the famous “almost-instinct” expressed in the closing lines of Philip Larkin’s “An Arundel Tomb”: if love won’t survive us, at least the gaudy ornaments of material piety might. Hope everyone had a terrific Fashion Week!

p.34 copyright Paul Koudounaris

St. Felix, Sursee, Switzerland

p.47 hand of St Valentin_copyright Paul Koudounaris

Hand of St. Valentin

p.48-9 St Benedictus_copyright Paul Koudounaris

St. Benedictus

p.50 Deodatus skull relic_copyright  Paul Koudounaris

Deodatus skull relic

p.56 relic of St Deodatus in Rheinau_copyrightPaul Koudounaris

Relic of St. Deodatus in Rheinau

p.61 St Luciana_copyright Paul Koudounaris

St. Luciana

p.70-1 skull of St Getreu in Ursberg_copyright Paul Koudounaris

Skull of St. Getreu in Ursberg

p.78-9 St Friedrich at the Benedictine abbey in Melk_copyright Paul Koudounaris

St. Friedrich at the Benedictine abbey in Melk

p.84 St Valentinus in Waldsassen_copyright Paul Koudounaris

St. Valentinus in Waldsassen

p.88-9 In Stams, Austria_copyright Paul Koudounaris

In Stams, Austria

p.147 St Munditia grasps a flask_copyright Paul Koudounaris

St. Munditia grasps a flask

p.22 St Albertus_copyright  Paul Koudounaris

St. Albertus

Heavenly Bodies Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs by Paul Koudounaris will be released on October 8, 2013 by Thames & Hudson.

Minuscule yet functional gold skeleton expected to sell for $150-250,000 at Sotheby’s

Miniature gold skeleton with silver gilt coffin

Miniature gold skeleton with silver gilt coffin

By  from The Awl:

In 1896, Israel Rouchomovsky, in Odessa, completed a 3-1/2 inch gold skeleton with 167 parts. It had taken five long years to create a fully articulated rendering, and he took particular delight in the lower jaw, which opened and shut. In Rouchomovsky’s memoirs, he wrote that he was truly satisfied as he made the final engraving, “Mozyr [18]92 Odessa [18]96” on the right splint-bone, and his name on the left, but “it was at that point that I realized that this ‘deceased’ deserved a beautiful sarcophagus.” He spent another five years on a velvet-lined silver coffin, illustrating the removable cover with the footsteps of the Angel of Death, surrounded by infants alternately laughing and crying. The base was a contemplation on the course of life, with war at one end and the arts at the other.

This Monday, April 29th, in Manhattan, Sotheby’s will auction off the gold skeleton and the silver-gilt sarcophagus. The auction house estimates that the silversmith’s decade-long endeavor, which has resided in hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt’s Judaica collection, will bring in $150-250,000.

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