Flora Fauna Faces Font Friday

From the Public Domain Review

This 17th-century alphabet seems to show grotesque vegetation, animals and even humans in its forms, reminiscent of DeepDream imaging.

An Alphabet of Organic Type (ca.1650)


A series of stunning prints – titled Libellus Novus Elementorum Latinorum – designed by the Polish goldsmith Jan Christian Bierpfaff (1600-ca.1690) and engraved by fellow-countryman Jeremias Falck (1610–1677). According to BibliOdyssey blog, where we first learnt of the images, Bierpfaff worked as an apprentice at the Mackensen family of metalworkers in Cracow, a group “who introduced the Dutch auricular (‘shell or ear-like’) style of ornament into the Polish gold and silver workshops”. We see the influence of this auricular style in Bierpfaff’s letterforms but also the unmistakable baroque stylings of the grotesque. The result is wonderfully surreal, the writhing forms hovering somewhere between the monstrous and floral.

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Beautiful, functional prosthetic limbs add custom touch to amputees’ lives

Floral leg

These beautiful, custom prosthetics are made by Sophie de Oliveira Barata in Harlesden, UK in the Alternative Limb Project. Options are described as “Realistic, Surreal and Unreal.” With extensive design input from the amputee, Sophie can help him or her move from feeling that a prosthetic is a necessary evil to being proud of the new limb as an expression of their own style.

Two examples of “alternative” limbs with statements from the wearers, and one realistic limb:

Kiera with her daughter and floral leg

Kiera Roche statement

Ryan Seary detachable muscle leg

Ryan Seary statement

Realistic foot next to real foot

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