Looove cards to my husband – update July 10, 2020

Bound Valentine’s Day booklet, 3″ x 2″. Design, text, illustration, production. “Everything the bunnies say is true | in all the world the one I choose is you | You’re the star I’ve hitched my wagon to | And all my kittens are belong to you. | Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie!”

Yes, I know, it’s disgusting, the sappy. But he’s great, and I’m a designer, so it was inevitable.

Below is a selection of the Valentine’s Day, anniversary, holiday and other cards and gifts I’ve given him over the years. I should note that neither cats nor rabbits know how to spell “anniversary.”

“Happy Anniverserary” flip book card with kissing cats.

Red handmade paper wrapper, 5.5″ x 5.5″, containing folded origami paper—silver- and gold-speckled cream outside, red inside—which opens to reveal white card with demon skeleton cat with red heart in thought bubble. Tiny text reads, “meow! happy valentine’s day 2020 to richard from nicola.”

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“Hanging by a serif” by John D. Berry

"Hanging By A Serif" book cover

A big shoutout to my friend John D. Berry, whose book Hanging by a serif has just been released. Click on the pages for a closer look.
John D. Berry - Hanging by a serif - front   John D. Berry - Hanging by a serif - card-15   John D. Berry - Hanging by a serif - spread

Hanging by a serif

A few words about designing with words

Text & design by John D. Berry

A small book of epigrams, insights on the nature and practice of typography and design, Hanging by a serif presents each statement on its own page, the text juxtaposed with a single graphic element: an enlarged detail of a serif, each one from a different typeface. The playful presentation belies the underlying seriousness and usefulness of the advice.

Hanging by a serif is available in two forms: as a booklet, where the epigrams are composed in double-page spreads; and as a set of cards, with each epigram on its own separate card. The booklets are saddle-stitched and printed on Cougar Opaque; the cards are printed on a heavy, textured card stock and bound together with a paper belly band (a “book obi”) that can be removed. Both are digitally printed, with a trim size of 4.75″×7″.

Hanging by a serif — Booklet

$12.00 + $2.50 shipping

Hanging by a serif — Set of cards

$25.00 + $2.50 shipping

Copyright © 2007–2013 by John D. Berry