Fingerprint Font Friday

Typeface? Drawing? These typographic works of art, described by Christian Goldemann at, are by design as unique as their creators. Not to be confused with my post Fingerprinting Font Metrics Font Friday.

Daniel Eatock had this great idea on his first day as a graphic design student. He wanted to create a real typography self portrait and asked persons to simply follow these instructions he gave: Using an ink pad make a print of your thumb in the center of a white page. Enlarge this thumb print on a photocopier to match the approximate size of your face. Place a thin sheet of copy paper over the photocopied enlargement of your thumb print and secure it in place with tape or paperclips. Starting anywhere you wish and using a black ink pen and your natural/everyday handwriting, compose a text about yourself following the contour lines of your thumb print as a guide. Use a light box or window to improve the show-through.
The final result combines a real fingerprint, a real handwritten text and finally the real typography self portrait.

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