Eye-Poppingly Gorgeous Underground Stations from Around The World

Underground station in Rådhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

By Vincze Miklós from io9.com:

Rådhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Rådhuset (Court House) station was opened in 1975 as a part of the Stockholm rapid transit system, one of the best examples of organic architecture. 

The history of rapid-transit began 150 years ago, with the opening of the Metropolitan Railway in London in 1863. In the next century and a half, dozens of architects and engineers have worked on underground tunnels and stations. Some are abandoned now, but others are as good as new. Here are some of the most wonderful underground railway stations. (via Tobias Lindman/Flickr)

T-Centralen Station, Stockholm, Sweden

The only place where all three of Stockholm’s metro lines meet has this really wonderful one platform station, opened in 1975. 

(via Paolo Rosa/Flickr and Erzsébet)

Solna Station, Stockholm, Sweden (1975)

(via Wikimedia Commons/Wargklo)

Stadium Station, Stockholm, Sweden (1973)

(via Skye Christensen/Flickr and Wikimedia Commons/Allgau)

Westfriedhof Station, Munich, Germany

This station was opened in 1998, but the 11 large lamps (with red, blue, and yellow lights) were installed three years later.

(via Hannes Maurer 12)

Marienplatz Station, Munich, Germany

Marienplatz Station is one of the most frequently used stations in Munich, and was opened as part of the new S-Bahn network for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

(via Jaw3, Flickr/MrOmega and Wikimedia Commons/FloSch)

St.-Quirin-Platz Station, Munich, Germany (1997)

(via Wikimedia Commons/Florian Schütz, Wikimedia Commons/FloSch and Ian Fisher/Flickr)

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