Desktop Backgrounds Designed to Make You Smarter

Typeface anatomy

Anyone can throw an image of the periodic table onto a desktop and call it a background, but the creations in the gallery above combine useful information with strong aesthetic appeal.

1. Periodic Table of Typefaces

Type%2520tableStudy the popular, influential and notorious typefaces with this background. Image courtesy of Flickr, Jeff McNeill

2. Typeface Anatomy Wallpaper

Typeface_anatomy_wallpaper_Take a closer look at the components of a typeface with this simple wallpaper. Image courtesy of Kevin Wittevrongel

3. Brain


This wallpaper displays the dichotomy between our creative right and scientific left. Image by Jack

4. Solar

SolarScience enthusiasts will enjoy this simple depiction of the solar system. Image by Jouhl Zamora

5. Konami Code

Konami-codeCheat your way to victory with this simple trick. Image by Teles Maciel

6. Fibonacci


Spiral out of control with Fibonacci’s sequence. Image by amitabher

7. Periodic Light


Optimal for memorizing the families in the Periodic Table. Image by Chris Bogie

8. Moog


You’ll get familiar with the parts of a Moog sequencer when you make this your background. Image by Ania Haho

9. World Map


Memorize the countries around the world with this map of the world desktop background. Image via iStockPhoto, bamlou

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