Women’s Motorcycle Contingent

"Fast Women, Beautiful Bikes" and "Hug the Curves" T-shirt mockups

The Client

The Women’s Motorcycle Contingent organizes the ‘Dykes on Bikes’ contingent in the San Francisco LGBTQIA Pride Parade. The group starts off the Parade each year with whoops, hollers, leather, lace, and a roar of engines.

The Challenge

As a longtime motorcycle lover, I was flattered when the WMC approached me about designing T-shirts, two years in a row, for them to sell as fundraisers and keepsakes. The target: a celebration of the love the women have for the open road and their bikes, and for each other.

The Solution

The WMC wanted a black T-shirt, naturally, so I used white ink for the design. I came up with the ‘Fast Women, Beautiful Bikes’ and ‘Hug the Curves’ headlines, combining the dynamic and the erotic. I decided to use the black background as negative space; I used the white ink for the ‘glow’ silhouetting the energetically leaning motorcycle rider and the reclining woman. Click here for closer views of ‘Fast Women’ and  ‘Hug the Curves’.

The shirts were enthusiastically received, and were the only two T-shirts in the history of the WMC to make a substantial net profit. ‘Fast Women’ sold out two printings; the popular shirt was reprinted six years later and again made a profit. ‘Hug the Curves’ sold out its first printing.

The ‘Fast Women’ shirt is available without the WMC tagline in my online store. In white for dark colors in Men’s and Women’s styles and in black for light colors in Men’s and Women’s styles.