#Ferguson Font Friday

Use any goddamn font you like to help out: Mike Brown

  • Feed the Students of Ferguson Fund. Ferguson schools have been closed since Monday, and many students depend on school meals. Donations go directly to the St. Louis Area Food Bank. For information about volunteering, go here.
  • Attend (or organize) a nonviolent demonstration in your city or town.
  • [From the Seattle site “The Stranger”] You’ve probably seen calls for donations to the legal funds of people who were wrongfully arrested in Ferguson. We’d advise you not to donate to those just yet because it’s hard to separate the real requests from the fake ones; the sad fact is that when events like these capture the nation’s attention, there are always scam artists who try to profit from outrage. If you really want to donate to a worthy cause that will help make things right in Ferguson, you can always donate to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
  • On behalf of the Brown family, we thank each of you for your outpouring of support. We ask that you continue to keep the Brown family uplifted in your prayers.

    Benjamin L. Crump, Esq.
    Family Attorney
    Parks & Crump, LLC