Triple-nested Klein bottle made out of blown glass

Blown glass representation of a triple-nested Klein bottle

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Here’s glassblower Alan Bennett’s astounding triple-nested Klein bottle, a beautiful thing:

A single surface model made by Alan Bennett in Bedford, United Kingdom. It consists of three Klein bottles set inside each other to produce, when cut, three pairs of single-twist Mobius strips. A Klein bottle has no edges, no outside or inside and cannot be properly constructed in three dimensions.

[From user winkybb: Theoretically, with a Klein bottle the “tube” passes through the side of the bottle without there being an intersection in the surface. The tube passes from one side to the other in a fourth dimension. Not possible in three dimensions, so this is a representation only. Not a true Klein bottle.]

Klein bottle, 1995. (via Neatorama)

(Image: Science Museum/Science & Society Picture Library)