Environments for Humans online Responsive Web Design Summit 2013 – Day 2 of 3

Responsive Web Design Summit - Day 2I’m attending the Environments for Humans online Responsive Web Design Summit 2013 – Day 2 of 3. I’m summarizing the talks rather than going into detail to avoid infringing on the presenters’ copyrights.

Mobile Development on a Shoestring Connection by Jenifer Hanen

  • How do we design and develop for varying data and bandwidth scenarios?
  • Is your app or mobile site a Data Sipper or a Data Chugger?
  • How to make it flexible for either
  • Let the customer choose whether to data sip or chug
  • No cat images, one dog

The New Responsive Web Design Workflow by Trent Walton

  • Moving from separate teams of planning/designing/developing to a much more collaborative approach
  • Embracing the reality of the multi-device web
  • Design systems, not pages
  • Cat images

Responsive Web Design is Hard/Easy – Be Afraid/Don’t Worry! by Dan Mall

  • RWD takes a new design approach: both more complicated and less
  • Moving from “Here’s what your site will look like” to “Here’s what your site will feel like” – use mood and/or element collages
  • Collaborating with clients as well as more collaborative in-house teams
  • Cat images

Content Strategy for the Future by Sara Wachter-Boettcher

  • “Build on what we do know: content.” – Chris Armstrong, The Infinite Grid
  • Break content into chunks.
  • 3 challenges for organizations: mass-production mentality; compartmentalized teams; obsession with control
  • 3 ways to work differently: make mobile an entry point, not the end point; don’t sell solutions — collaborate; do less — facilitate more
  • “Use mobile as a wedge to create a better experience for ALL users.” – Karen McGrane
  • No cats

Universal Typography by Tim Brown

  • Short history of print and web typography
  • “People can be affected by good typography without being actively aware of it.” — Thomas Phinney
  • Current state of web typography is very similar to traditional print; just as much attention to quality needed
  • No cats

RWD and Client Management by Matt Griffin

  •  Initial client contact: listen, interpret, give feedback, gauge response, refine
  • Deliverables: user stories, written specifications, style prototypes, HTML & CSS wireframes, low-fidelity static mock-ups, HTML & CSS interactive mock-ups, HTML & CSS styleguides
  • The Mythical Mobile User: we can’t predict content needs based on devices; RWD focuses on optimizing content presentation.
  • Cat on unicorn with rainbow
  • Also Storm Troopers