Winners of the Webby Awards 2013

All the little characters from the animation

The totally great animated short “Dumb Ways to Die” won Webbies in three categories: Animation, Viral, and Viral Marketing, and won People’s Choice in Public Service and Activism. Don’t watch it unless you want to be singing the little song for days. My extra lyrics: Take a nail gun to yer face / Steal a San Franciscan’s parking place / Dumb ways to die…

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Our friends at the Webby Awards announced this year’s winners and as usual, it’s a fantastic mix of familiar sites and also sites I’d never heard of but will now kill my productivity for the week. Here’s a taste: Mental Floss won for best cultural blog, NFB took the Net Art prize for “Bear 71,” Rainn Wilson’s Soulpancake picked up two People’s Voice Awards for video, VICE News also landed film and video awards, and One Tiny Hand won in the Weird category. The Special Achievement honorees are a great lot too: Steve Wilhite (inventor of the GIF), Frank Ocean, Jerry Seinfeld, Grimes, and others. Cheers to the winners!

Winners of The Webby Awards 2013