F*cking Font Friday

Scunthorpe Sans, according to its promo material at Vole.wtf, is “[a] s*** font that f***ing censors bad language automatically.” The Vole.wtf page has a font generator, where you can input the foul words of your choice and see the censorship in real time (scroll down for an example of what it looks like). Indulge your inner 12-year-old for some silly f***ing fun and go try it!

[Scunthorpe Sans is] able to detect the words f***,  s***,  p***, t***,  w***, c*** and dozens more, but with a special exemption for “Scunthorpe”; that town has suffered enough.

Download the f***ing files

Scunthorpe Sans is based on Aileron and released under a CC0/public domain license.

How this s*** works: Modern fonts can combine letters into a single ligature, usually for things like fi or fl but you can pick anything so we’ve done it for swears.

Here’s what it looks like: