The Royal Hand Ballet Presents “Swan Lake”

The Royal Hand Ballet presents ‘Swan Lake’ from milly bruce on Vimeo.

“Swan Lake” program (sadly, shown without interior view) from multidisciplinary artist and designer Chris Godfrey.

Other gems from Mr. Godfrey:

All In One: 12 course meal in a can

Contemporary culture means on every trip into town; you’re bombarded with gimmicks galore. Gimmicks often diminish their products to turn a profit; downgrading on the content but selling you something that’s ‘50% more’. The All in One 12 course meal offers the average Joe; the chance to dine like royalty without the washing up.

Good Design

After over complicating a brief that was to express our own views on design; we created a poster that goes against the complicated theory and presents the viewer with a interactive statement simplifying a world of design practice. In turn, making the user a critical part of the outcome.