Foot Font Friday

A lot of people seem to get type tattoos on their feet. Judging by images online, most of the tattoos are on women, and are inspirational (“Live Laugh Love,” or a serotonin molecule labeled “Stay Positive”). Some are foot-specific (“These feet are made for dancing”) and a few are names (“Amanda”). Many of them use the swooping, unreadable script I mentioned in my blog post Flash Font Friday. A large number of the tattoos are on the side of the foot, possibly so they’d be hidden by most women’s shoes.


"Live Laugh Love" foot tattoo

"Stay Positive" serotonin molecule foot tattoo

"Fuck Cancer" foot tattoo

"All Is Fair in Love and War" foot tattoo

"Know Your RIghts" foot tattoo

"Things Don't Change, We Do" foot tattoo


"These Feet Are Made for Dancing" foot tattoo

"Don't Tread on Me" foot tattoo


"Amanda" foot tattoo

"Ashley" foot tattoo