Fightin’ Font Friday

The only people perhaps more obsessive than type designers are builders of model aircraft. TLai Enterprises offers a font for sale called AmarilloUSAF. With its straight lines and blocky look, AmarilloUSAF provides the correct, forthright feel of the real thing.

AmarilloUSAF Pro—Enhanced US Air Force Aircraft Marking Font

AmarilloUSAF Pro Character Set. Letters A through Z, with alternate F, R, and Z, numbers 0 through 1, with alternate 1s, 2s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, and 9s, dashes, and 2 periods (one with spacing, one without.) Sample text was set in 100 point Amarillo USAF, with 90 point leading.

AmarilloUSAF Pro Text Samples. FT-1074. NX-01. U.S.AIR. U.S.AIR FORCE. Detail of angles: 45 degree transitions. Sample text was set in 100 point AmarilloUSAF Pro, with 90 point leading. NX-01 was set with an 30 pixel spacing between letters.

Like AmarilloUSAF, AmarilloUSAF Pro follows the current lettering specifications for US Air Force aircraft.

In addition to having all the characters in the original AmarilloUSAF, the Pro version also has variations of letters and numbers used on past USAF aircraft, making it ideal for creating historically accurate decals and lettering.

You can find this style of lettering on US military aircraft dating back to WWII, on both Navy and Army/Air Force planes and helicopters.

Download Demo Version*

Add Single User License
US$22.50 (Purchase)

Add Network License Pack
US$85.00 (Purchase)

*The demo contains a portion of the full character set for testing purposes. Upon purchasing, an unlock code and instructions for downloading the full version will be sent.

Upgrades from existing AmarilloUSAF licenses:
US$8.50—Upgrade from an existing AmarilloUSAF Single User License
US$35—Upgrade from an existing AmarilloUSAF Network License Pack

Note: When purchasing the upgrade, you may be asked to provide proof of prior licensing.


  • Scalable to any size (using appropriate TrueType/Type 1 output device)
  • Punctuation includes 2 periods and three types of dashes
  • Alternate letters and numbers (not every letter or number has an alternate.)
  • Uppercase letters are duplicated in lowercase spots for convenience
  • Includes handy keymap reference

AmarilloUSAF Pro Notes

  • To obtain a 1″ scale height letter with AmarilloUSAF Pro, set the point size to 120. At this point size, the actual letter height will correspond to 72 points, or 1″, while the leading will be at 120 points. To get a closer spacing between lines of type, you will need to change your leading to a value smaller than your current point size.
  • This font is not shareware—instead a demo is provided for testing. If you have any questions about compatibility, or if you cannot use the demo, please contact us before you decide to purchase the full version.
  • For details on how to access alternate characters from your Macintosh or Windows PC computer, please refer to the keymap guide included with the font archive.
  • To upgrade existing AmarilloUSAF licenses to AmarilloUSAF Pro, please see the upgrade prices above.