Flesh-Free Font Friday


A classic Halloween visual. Here’s a skeleton font from a new-to-me source: home machine embroidery. How the embroidery works: you install software from a website or disk and it tells your home embroidery machine—your enhanced sewing machine or dedicated device—how to make the letterforms or designs. This alphabet was developed by trishsthreads.com and is available here in several embroidery machine formats and two sizes for $7.99. You can contact trishsthreads at pschmiedl@q.com.

NOTE: I’m showing these letters for viewing purposes only. Please don’t use them for online or print purposes.

Here’s the font in action:

tote bag with "Trish" embroidery


skeleton_Font_B skeleton_Font_C skeleton_Font_D skeleton_Font_E skeleton_Font_F skeleton_large_G skeleton_large_H skeleton_large_I skeleton_large_J skeleton_large_K skeleton_large_L skeleton_large_M skeleton_large_N skeleton_large_O skeleton_large_P skeleton_large_Q skeleton_large_R skeleton_large_S skeleton_large_T skeleton_large_U skeleton_large_V skeleton_large_W skeleton_large_X skeleton_large_Y skeleton_large_Z